2016-06-06: Update to recent versions of Clojure, Leiningen, and the OpenJDK. Now using inlein for standalone scripts. Various minor updates.

2015-08-24: minor updates to rationale page (EPL is not GPL-compatible).

2014-06-20: processed with new Rippledoc release.

2013-10-14: mention the manual alternative to lein-exec, and note that lein-exec simply makes it easier. Update mentioned version of lein-exec.

2013-08-08: added note to standalone-scripts chapter about using #!/usr/bin/env lein-exec.

2013-07-06: updated for Lein 2.2.0 & Clojure 1.5.1. Added another potential disadvantage to rationale page (C libs). Removed broken link (on front page) to now-removed ToC. Note about how the section of extra info about Java is optional. s/CDS/clojure-doc/. Updates to libs-mgmt-and-use chap. s/lein-outdated/lein-ancient/. Some clarifications made to libs-mgmt chap.

2013-05-28: updated versions of lein-exec and some libs mentioned in the standalone-scripts chapter.

2013-02-04: processed site with newest version of Gouda.

2013-01-23: added Standalone Scripts chapter. Updated to lein 2.0 (from the lein 2 preview). Made a number of little improvements to the libs availability/managing chapters.

2013-01-13: added note about lein-outdated to libs management chap. Also added a section to the generating-docs chap and mentioned codox.

2013-01-09: added back some material on distributing. Did not want to crowd the dev-env chap, and also wanted to include mention of the runner script.

2012-11-18: removed now-redundant “distributing” chapter

2012-11-17: Updated various links. Added caveat to rationale page. Significantly simplified dev-env chapter. Added note about jEdit. Removed link to Dining Car; now using the directory at CDS. Some clarifications to the managing-libs page. Changed data.json to java.jdbc. More clarification on the “note on names”.

2012-10-08: use of [clojure.string :as str] is pretty customary. Also added link to clojure-doc.org.

2012-08-23: added “A Note on Names” to the library usage chapter. Removed unnecessary “Summary of New Project Setup” from dev env chapter. Also updated to using lein 2.0.0-preview8.

2012-08-02: updated to lein 2.0.0-preview7 (you can now tell lein what type of new project to create)

2012-07-17: Added a link to the generated contrib api docs.

2012-06-29: Note about monolithic vs. modular contrib, and about old link at clojuredocs.org. Note about “clj-” prefix in lib names. Improved info on Clojars and how it displays description and url info. Used updated Gouda with nicer styling.

2012-06-26: Note about group-id’s at clojars. Also downloading jars directly from clojars/repo.

2012-06-21: Added source to docs page. Added synopsis table to available libs chapter. Various minor tuning and version bumping.

2012-05-18: removed specific config for Lubuntu

2012-05-08: added bit to Dev Env chapter about ~/bin and your $PATH.

2012-05-07: removed chapter on creating libs. That probably belongs elsewhere.

2012-05-02: Now with Clojure syntax highlighting. :)

2012-04-27: Added link to PLEAC, which has a Clojure section.

2012-04-23: Added some extra instructions for using urxvt. Mentioned installing rlwrap before lein. Updates to working with lein-oneoff. Some minor wording tweaks.

2012-04-19: Updated the Brief Guide using the new 2012.04.19 Gouda release.

2012-04-02: Added some links to videos on the docs & resources page

2012-03-23: Added note on index about implementations.

2012-03-21: added notes about classpath to the general-overview chapter

2012-03-13: removed Emacs section and put it into its own document

2012-03-12: initial version