A Brief Beginner's Guide To Clojure
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Thanks (newest at the top) to:

  • Jeremy Heiler for insights into contrib library naming conventions.

  • michaelbarton for pointing out old contrib link at clojuredocs.org

  • Colin James for his libs and namespaces blog post, and for updating it for Clojure 1.4.   :D

  • vijaykiran on #clojure for showing me how to reload code from the repl, and xeqi for lein deps :tree.

  • Some links from Newbie’s Guide to Learning Clojure blog post.

  • Ted Bracht, for the reminder to include some comments about Java’s classpath.

  • weavejester, for feedback and corrections on HN.

  • technomancy, TimMC, amalloy, raek, antares, devn, ibdknox, seancorfield, Raynes, brehaut, hiredman, and others for feedback and corrections on #clojure.

  • Brad Lucas, for his example, which I followed to get command-line arg passing working.