DLang Notes and Examples
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1 General Notes

One file == one module. File scope == module scope.

In foo.bar.baz, baz is the module name. baz is in the bar package, which is in the foo package. Packages group modules.

Module names are usually named all lowercase.

The module name is the filename, unless you make it otherwise.

2 Using Modules

import foo.bar           // You get all public symbols.
import foo.bar : baz     // You only get baz.
import baz = foo.bar.baz // `baz` is an alias for `foo.bar.baz`.

3 Your own modules

cd ~/dev
mkdir my-proj
cd my-proj
dub init
mkdir source/mypkg
edit source/mypkg/foo.d
# In source/mypkg/foo.d, add `module mypkg.foo` to the top
geany source/app.d
# add `import mypkg.foo` and use functions from it.
dub # run your app