Janet Notes and Examples

Linting, Flychecking, Deprecation

See the -w and -x flags.

In Janet, “flychecking” and “linting” are the same thing. To lint a Janet file,

janet -k foo.janet

This appears to be the same as calling the flycheck function on the contents of the foo.janet file.

In Emacs-land, flychecking means that live “on-the-fly” linting of the current buffer.

If using Janet with Emacs, install https://gitlab.com/sogaiu/flycheck-janet to get flychecking (which itself makes use of janet -k).

The “lint-levels” are:

:none    0
:relaxed 1
:normal  2
:strict  3

More important lint messages will have a lower priority number.

The user-set lint thresholds are maximums.

For example, given janet -w normal, any lint message of level 2 or below will print a warning message.

If janet -x relaxed, then any lint message of level 1 or below will cause a compiler error.