Janet Package Directory

Generated from the Janet package listing.

argparseCLI argument parser for Janet
argssimple command line argument handling
base16Base 16 encoding/decoding of buffers.
bearimyDate time calculations and manipulations
bigintA simple big integer library for Janet
bonzerErgo id encoder and decoder
chidi A http development kit for Good Place, with modular design based on middleware abstraction and batteries included. There are three main modules in this library: * server - general network server runner driven by the supervized fibers. * middleware - collection of middlewares for the development of http servers. * response - various tools for the creation of the http response.
circletHTTP server bindings for Janet.
eleanorSimple kit for traversing and transforming the datastructures.
filesystemA library for working with the file system.
flockSimple file locking with flock for Janet.
frejaExtendable text editor with a focus on quick game development and GUI creation. Like a minimal emacs with easy opengl access.
fugueA CLOS-style object system based on Janet tables
gapbufferJanet implementation of a gap buffer
hemplejhydro flavored RPC
htmlA library for representing HTML in Janet
hypertextA HTML DSL, creating escaped HTML both eagerly and lazily.
jaylibJanet bindings to Raylib
jdn-loaderA utility for loading JDNs using janet's import mechanism.
jermboxTerminal User Interface Using Termbox
jhydroLightweight cryptographic and random number generation utils for Janet. Based on libhydrogen.
jlzfCompression binding for liblzf
joyA full stack web framework written in janet
jpmJPM is the Janet Project Manager tool.
judgeSelf-modifying test framework
jurlJanet wrapper around libcurl
kamilahPure native store based on table and marshalling.
manishaSchema and its validation for Good Place
marbleUtility functionality for the Good Place
michaelJanet creator
msgpackAn implementation of msgpack for Janet.
nanoidA library for generating random IDs
pkgsThe official package listing for Janet.
pqBindings to libpq (the C application programmer's interface to PostgreSQL).
primesieveFast prime number generator
redisA Janet Redis library built with the official hiredis C library.
repl-toolsA set of functions useful for REPL.
rlreplA Janet repl using GNU readline
shShorthand shell-like functions for Janet.
shawnReactive streams abstraction on top of the event loop.
sporkOfficial contrib library of various Janet utility modules.
stringxA set of string utility functions
testamentA testing library for Janet
testerA testing library for janet
trevorWebsockets server
trolleyRouter, resolver and lookup development kit
uriA uri parser following rfc3986 implemented in Janet.
utf8A set of utility functions for UTF-8.
x43botAn IRC bot