1 What it expects

Rippledoc has a few rules:

Further, Rippledoc:

2 What it does

Rippledoc generates cross-linked html files from your markdown-formatted doc files. It also generates:

A given generated html file resides in the same directory as its source .md file.

To rearrange the order in which docs are listed in a given directory’s ToC, edit that dir’s autogenerated toc.conf file and re-run rippledoc.sh.

The index.md file is special, and it’s required. It serves as the “front page” of your documentation. Also, its title (in its “title block”) should be the name of your project — it will be shown in the header of every generated page.

As a simple template, you might start each of your docs looking something like this:

% Title Goes Here
% Author Name
% 2016-10

Some text.

An H1 Heading

Some text.

An H2 Heading


The title after the first “%” is what will appear in the ToC (except for index.md, the title of which will be used as the name of your documentation project as a whole).

For more help writing Pandoc’s Markdown, see the Quick Markdown Example.

Once you’ve got some docs written, you might rsync/ftp/scp your docs dir to the web to publish them.