Some Misc Notes

Matrix and Gitter

Last-updated 2020-12-07

Matrix (stylized “[matrix]”) is an app-layer network protocol for federated, decentralized, real-time chat/voice/video.

Element” (formerly “New Vector”) is the company that writes and maintains a Matrix-based chat client called “Element”. In late 2020 they bought Gitter from Gitlab.

You can access the hosted version of Element at You can create a Matrix account at there.

There’s a desktop app (it’s based on React+Electron). Install instructions are at (click “Also available on Linux”).

Gitter is to be phased out at some point in favor of Element.

Mozilla is replacing their with an Element-based


When you join a gitter channel/room using the app, you have three options. For example, for the Janet language community room, you can join:

  • “Matrix rooms (” (,
  • “Gitter rooms (” (, or
  • “Matrix rooms (” (

The first two may be the same room (?).

When you use the last one above, your messages over in the app get your nick right (otherwise your nick ends up like “matrixbot @matrixbot” with

Currently, the webapp doesn’t seem to allow the nice multi-line “compose mode” that does, nor does it render nice $$\mathrm{LaTeX \: math}$$, so I’m sticking with the interface for now.