Some Misc Notes

LaTeX in Pandoc Markdown

Example Pandoc Markdown doc containing some LaTeX:


Such and such: **So and so**

The majority of the doc is *regular markdown*. You
can also \underline{underline text}.

Inline $y=2x+1$ math and display math:


To put space between multiple equations:

$$u=2x \qquad v=3x \qquad w=4x $$

To box an equation: \fbox{$s = 2t^{3}$}. To get subscripts to be
in plain roman text: $t_{\text{start}}$.\
For scientific notation: $2.5 \times 10^{-4}$ m/s.

You can make blanks/underlines like ____________ so.
And here's some vertical space.

Put in some horizontal space \hspace{5cm} like so.

If you want to escape numbered-list syntax, add in a backslash:

1.\ This and that.

2.\ And the other.


(1)\ This and that.

(2)\ And the other.

To get a column-break use `\newpage`.\
To get a page-break   use `\pagebreak`.

To put space in the middle of a line:      \null\hfill name = __________

Or on a line all by itself:

\null\hfill date = __________